Technique and Warming Up Exercises for Trombone

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The Art of Improvisation. Music theory book with exercises

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22 Melodic Etudes for tenor and bass trombone

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25 Jazz etudes in G-clef I-real compatible

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Bert Boeren and Ilja Reijngoud. Jay and Kai tribute

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Home, Ilja Reijngoud Quintet with Rob van bavel

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The Shakespeare Album, Ilja Reijngoud and Fay Claassen

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Goldie meets Silver, Ilja Reijngoud Quartet

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Around the World, Ilja Reijngoud, Elizabeth Simonian

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Untamed World, Ilja Reijngoud trombone ensemble

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Brisas Andaluzas Ben van Dijk & Ilja Reijngoud

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Pamplona Jazz Orchestra meets Ilja Reijngoud

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Big Band arrangements € 100,00 each

  • And the winner is, (R v/d Berg), samba, baritone sax solo
  • Another World (athmospheric piece for trumpet and tenor solo in the section)
  •  Bahnhof der seele (Soulstation-like IR original, swing, long sax special)
  •  Besame Mucho (cool 7/4 version of Cuban classic, Cm)
  •  Blues for Jay (great, slow blues of Rob Pronk, in 2 keys, G/Bb)
  • Body and soul (straight ahead arrangement)
  • Bolero, bigband version of famous Ravel piece
  •  Brother Julian (Marius Beets, modern Boogaloo, groovy/easy special)
  • Christmas Medley, 6 minutes more than 8 christmas songs
  •  Cape Verdean Blues, fast 24-bars minor blues, jazz version (H. Silver)
  • Changing, (Perigoj), tenor sax feature, modern jazz
  • Changing City (modern uptempo band feature, IR)
  •  Christmas Medley (instrumental, jazzy and soulful medley)
  •  Coisa nr 6, Moacir Santos, 6/4 brasil
  •  Conjubial Joy, 80th Scofield style, funk (IR)
  •  English heart, folk 6/8 with bluesy ending, soprano-sax feature (IR)
  • Eyes to Wonder (folky ballad for tenor sax, trumpet or trombone solo) (IR)
  •  Fables of Faubus (Mingus, arrangement in original form)
  •  Forel for all (AKA Arhus blus) (7/4 slow funky blues)
  •  Franken Global, (Frank Mobus), jazzrock/avant garde, guitar feature
  •  Funky Powwow (Marc Scholten) boogaloo
  •  Gods of the Yoruba, Horace Silver, 4/4 version, latin, 32 bars minor blues-scheme
  •  Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Mingus, classic bluesy arrangement)
  •  Gregory is here, 7/4 funky version with extended bridge (Horace Silver)
  •  Hippy, Horace Silver; 2nd line/swing, easy to play, happening score
  •  Introspection (original), space, ECM song with classical harmonies
  •  I’m shouting again, Count Basie, up tempo swing, band feature
  •  Just for my lady (med swing Basie style, Toots Thielemans, F)
  •  Kathy, Moacir Santos, 5/4 brasil
  •  Mindless (Simon Richter) Body&Soul changes, med swing, sax-feature  
  • Mr DJ, (Tom Beek) modern straight eights Jazz, tenor sax feature 
  • New arrival (modern ¾ even eights) (IR)
  •  Newborn (Maurice Smit) souljazz
  • Nica’s Dream, Horace Silver, nice groovy 5/4 in Gmin, trombone solo
  • Nice Mess, bluesy ballad, trombone feature (IR)
    •  Nice Simple Mess, bluesy ballad, medium level, trombone feature (IR)
  • No substitute (Monk Award winning title) (IR)
  • OP (fast Mingus band piece)
  • Old folks (ballad for tenor sax)
  •  Para Luego Estarde, latinjazz
  •  Peace, Silver, jazz-ballad, counterpoint special, tpt and bass solo s
  •  Perfidia (Cuban classic, Salsa, F)
  •  Peter Gunn, modern boogaloo version with interesting harmonies
  •  Pocket Soldiers (Marc Scholtem) modern latinjazz
  •  Portia, Marcus Miller, arrangement of Miles Davis recording
  •  Screw, jungle up tempo modern groove. (IR)
  • 63rd street west (jungle beat for bigband) (IR)
  • Sheriff’s jail chain gang detail (with and without strings) (IR)
  •  Sister Sadie, Horace Silver; funky/swing, 2 nice specials
  •  Slang of Tang (Mingus style minor-blues 24 bars, dedicated to Guus Tangelder) 
  • Smile (bossa nova)
  • Song of the untamed world (heavy arrangement) (IR)
  • Speedball, hip blues, version Stanley Turrentine.
  •  Survive the blues (slow swing, bluesy original)
  •  The Sweetest Dreams, easy, atmospherical warm pop-ballad (IR)
  •  The Vine (Mike Stern) modern boogaloo/funky 2nd line
  •  True Sparrow, second line New Orleans groovy and full tutti (IR)
  •  Tutu, Marcus Miller, arrangement like Miles Davis performance. 
  • Why certainly (modern latinjazz) (IR)
  • Welcome Home, bossa nova/bolero, trombone feature (IR)
  •  Yemaya, Cuban 12/8 Latinjazz
  • You and the night and the music (latin jazz version)
  • Young and fine (steps ahead related version

Bigband with vocalist:

  •  A Li Shan De Gu Niang (jungle, drums solo, heavy rock finale, D min)
  •  Als de hemel valt, original by Dutch vocalist Typhoon
  •  All about the bass no treble, Meghan Trainer, in a latin cha cha version
  • Angelina, key Ab
  • April Child, brasil, (Moacir Santos), key C
  •  Atardi (nice 6/8 Latin original in Papiamento by Rudi Plaate, D)
  • Baby it’s cold outside (with two vocalists), key C
  •  Boogie Wonderland, cha cha version of EW&F hit, D minor)
  •  Bumaye, original by Dutch vocalist Typhoon
  •  Bridge over Troubled water, G, nice rock ballad with alternative chords
  • Cheeck to cheeck, key F
  • Daquilo Que eu sei, modern brasil/fusion (Ivan Lins), key Eb
  •  De vrijheid is zo mooi (ballad, original Dutch song for jazzband, Fm).
  •  Dedicated to you (bossa, Db)
  •  Driving home for Christmas (Db)
  •  Fascinating Rhythm (Ab to Bb, tempo changes, nice straight ahead Jazz)  
  •  Feliz ano novo (Moacir Santos), key F/Dm 
  •  For all we know (ballad, Db)
  •  Get Away, salsa/rocky version of EW&F hit, Gminor
  •  Gone with the wind (Ab)
  •  Happy, Pharrell Williams, combined with Young and Fine (Zawinul) Fm
  • I can’t give you anything but love, key G
  • I wish I knew how it feels to be free in G or in Bb)
  •  I’m going to Jackson (groovy version of Johnny Cash classic, C)
  •  I’m beginning to see the light (advanced version in odd meter
  •  I’ve got my love to keep me warm (Bb)
  •  It came upon a midnight clear (G)
  •  It’s the most wonderful time of the year (G)
  • Knocks me of my feet (Stevie Wonder hit) (Bb – B)
  •  La bicyclette (French original by Yves Montand, F)
  •  Laat me (ballad/bolero version of Ramses Shaffy, C#m)
  •  Lean on me (Eb)
  •  Lonely town, lonely street (funky version of Bill Withers song, Em)
  • Mack the knife (for one or two vocalists) key E, F, Gb, G
  •  Mi So Den Boso (Latin, Salsa, Celia Cruz version, Gb)
  •  Misty (medium swing Sarah Vuaghan version, Bb)
  • Mr Sandman, key G
  • Nana, brasil boogaloo, (Moacir Santos), key Fm
  • Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (jazz-ballad, F)
  • Nv Ren Hua (solid rock/boogaloo, F)
  •  Omdat ik zoveel van je hou (cha cha version of Dutch classic, duo, Bb)
  •  Saterday Nite, songo: groovy latin version of EW&F hit, Bb  
  • Smile (with and without vocalist), key C to Db
  • So Eu, samba/brasil (Moacir Santos), key A to Bb) 
  •  Speak low (Latin/bossa version, Am)
  •  Straighten up and fly right (F)
  •  Tenderly (straight ahead ballad version, Ab)
  •  This Christmas (F, Donna Hatheway)
  •  This one is from the heart, key Eb
  • Tian Mi Mi (med up bossa nova/latin groove, D)
  •  Wake me up, exciting boogaloo version of Avici hit, F
  •  We zijn er, original by Dutch vocalist Typhoon
    •  What a difference a day makes (boogaloo version), key G
  •  What a wonderful world (D to Eb)
  • Wan Qiu (afro beat 12/8, Amin)
  • Wan Wan De Yue Liang (smooth boogaloo/latin, C)
  •  Winter wonderland (Db)
  • Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni (pop ballad, tenor sax solo, F)
  • Ye Lai Xiang (bossa nova, G)
  •  Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (med popgroove, rich harmonies, Bb)

Wind Orchestra arrangements € 150,00 each

  • 200 years of Military Music
  • Another Star
  •  Aquarius (with vocals)
  •  Battle Music Band of Brothers
  •  Ben/The Wizz  (with vocals)
  • Billie Jean  (with vocals)
  • Bruno Mars Medley
  •  Call me Mr Stibs
  • Christmas Medley
  •  Circus
  • Donna/ Manchaster Manchaster  (with vocals)
  • Don’t stop till you get enough/I wanna rock with you  (with vocals)
  • Don’t turn this ship around
  • Down to earth (with vocals)
  • Driving home for christmas
  • English heart
  • Englishman in New York
  • Everything is alright (with vocals)
  • Eyes to wonder
  • Freedom (with vocals)
  • Georgia on my mind (for alto sax)
  • Graceland Medley
  • Gretel
  • Hallelujah
  • Heading up high
  • Honesty
  • I don’t wanna mis a thing (with vocals)
  • I don’t know how to love him (with vocals)
  • I got rhythm (with vocals)
  • I’ve got my love to keep me warm (with vocals)
  • I will survive (with vocals)
  • Ik mis de stad van toen (with vocals)
  • Indian Summer (with vocals)
  • It came upon a midnight clear (with vocals)
  • It might as well be spring
  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year (with vocals)
  • Jackson 5 medley
  • James Bond medley
  • Leef (with vocals)
  • Let the sunshine (with vocals)
  • Liberian girl (with vocals)
  • Lil Marleen (with vocals)
  • Mack the knife (with vocals)
  • Man in the mirror (with vocals)
  • Mary did you know (with vocals)
  • Mi so den boso
  • Michael Buble medley
  • Miller’s Soul
  • My best friend (with vocals)
  • nature Boy
  • never Alone
  • Nice Mess
  • Night Shift (with vocals)
  • No more blues (with vocals)
  • Of the wall (with vocals)
  • Peace on earth (with vocals)
  • Play politics (with vocals)
  • Queen medley
  • Regalo
  • Roofgarden (with vocals)
  • Sesame Street
  • Superfly/Blood on the dancefloor (with vocals)
  • Stevie Wonder medley
  • The trial
  • The way it is (with vocals)
  • They can’t take that away from me (with vocals)
  • Thirst for light
  • This christmas (with vocals)
  • Too much love will kill you (with vocals)
  • Toto Medley
  • True Sparrow
  • Wake me up (with vocals)
  • Walking in a winterwonderland (with vocals)
  • We are the world (with vocals)
  • Weeping (with vocals)
  • Welcome Home
  • What’s another year (with vocals)
  • White Christmas (with vocals)
  • Why me (with vocals)
  • Wijs me de weg (with vocals)
  • Winter wonderland (with vocals)
  • Wondermooi kerstfeest (with vocals)
  • Wonderwall
  • Word Up (with vocals)
  • You can call me All (with vocals)