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New Album Out Now

All arrangements and compositions of me, arranged for and performed by

The Pamplona Jazz Orchestra of Inaki Rodriguez

HOME new album Ilja Reijngoud

A new, hip, modern, energetic and groovy jazz-rock album of my new band. 8 tracks played by an all-star line-up, Rob van Bavel (keys), Tom Beek (ten sax), Udo Pannekeet (bass) and Marcel Serierse (drums). 


Some great soloists add their artistic contribution to this unique album. First off all Tineke Postma, who plays a beautiful solo on Easy Conversations. Furthermore Angelo Verploegen, gets wild on a NO-type groove, Ed Verhoeff guitar on a traditional partido alto, Oscar Cordero plays beautiful flugelhorn and Berend van Gurp nails the shit out of it on his bassbone.


Sneak preview: listen here



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NEW: 25 Jazz etudes

NEW: 25 Jazz etudes (G-clef, concert)

based on standard chord-progressions (iReal compatible)

44 pages of jazz etudes, plus theory of upper-structures and the 6-note scale

Cotatcha Orchestra 2018

New album Ilja Reijngoud and Bert Boeren

A groovy and hip tribute to Jay&Kai with unreleased compositions of Kai Winding, and a few originals of Ilja.

With Rob van Bavel, Marius Beets, Marcel Serierse and Anna Serierse.


OUT NOW the Art of Improvisation

This book (32 pages) shares many clear and practical insights into the art of improvisation. Over the course of nine chapters, theories of tonality, harmony and scales are concisely explained, giving enough material with which to improvise over any given chord-progression.
€ 12.- ($15.-) plus shipping costs (orders This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Etudebook out now

Technique and Warming-up exercises for trombone and (lower) brass.

over 40 pages of challenging exercises for classical and jazz players. 



Silver Bars and Rounds

Live recording Ilja Reijngoud Quartet with Rob van Bavel, Marcel Serierse and Marius Beets, Leeuwarden, 2016


Nine popular songs of Chinese star Teresa Teng, arranged for big band and vocalist by Ilja Reijngoud. It s a combination of Eastern melodies and western groove and harmonies. Challenging music, with room for improvisation.


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