Extended Brass

Ilja Reijngoud Quartet plus large trombone-ensemble


A impressive brass jazzband with four to six trombones. New and headstrong compositions of Monk Award winner Ilja Reijngoud, moving between vanguard Jazz and modern (even classical) sounds. Everything in the catching jazz and groove tradition. Naturally music for a strong trombone-collective with solo’s by Ilja Reijngoud and Bart van Lier, but also room for the pianist Rob van Bavel and Bird Award winning guitar-player Martijn van Iterson.
Featuring amongst others Bart van Lier and Martin van den Berg (Metropole Orchestra), Jörgen van Rijen (Concertgebouw Orkest), Marcel Serierse and Marius Beets, who produced their album.

Album information:
Title: Untamed World, Music for six trombones and rhythm section
Maxanter Records CD MAX 75378
Distribution: Challenge Records International
Released in January 2008