Ilja Reijngoud Group feat. Elizabeth Simonian

Around the World (Greek, Armenian and Swedish music)


Ilja Reijngoud- recently awarded an Edison for The Shakespeare album, has put together a new musical project along with the young and talented Elizabeth Simonian.
Born on the island of Cyprus to a Swedish mother and Armenian father, Elizabeth found her way to Holland to study music where she graduated with honours from the Rotterdam Conservatory last year. Her music like her rich and diverse background brings a unique atmosphere that merges jazz, pop and world music into one.

The Around the world program is built around the sphere of Greek and Armenian traditional music and Scandinavian jazz. It includes originals by Elizabeth and Ilja. Music that is coloured with Swedish poetry, ancient songs and Mediterranean influences.
Rob van Bavel (piano), Eric van der Westen (bass) and Marcel Serierse (drums).

Album Around the World out now.