Riga sessions with Bertil Sandberg

Last week of august I was in Riga to teach and to lead the conservatory big band. I met another trombone player from Sweden during one of the jam sessions, who was in Riga for another workshop. His name is Bertil Sandberg, he had worked in Germany and the United States, and is teaching now in Stockholm for the last couple of years. He worked with a lot of musicians, who were my teachers or heroes during my study time in Hilversum, The Netherlands, like Bart and Eric van Lier, Ack van Rooyen, Peter Herbolzheimer etc.

We played together that session, and later on we played at the teacher’s concert of my workshop. I was really impressed by his playing and his great attitude. Always kind, always smiling and supportive. In his solo's I could hear the history of Jazz, both American as European. He nailed it all, with a wonderful sound, great pulse, honest and groovy lines, superhip!

You see, it doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you speak the same language and respect each other. And man, you can have fun together, like you knew each other long before. It was on of those great experiences you can have being a musician. Thanks Bertil.