Own recordings:

Ilja Reijngoud Quartet, Goldie meets Silver, 2015

Ilja Reijngoud Group, with Elizabeth Simonian, Around the world, 2012

Ilja Reijngoud Quartet, feat. Fay Claassen, The Shakespeare Album, 2009;
(Edison Award winning album)
Ilja Reijngoud, Untamed World; music for six trombones and rhythm section, 2008;
Ilja Reijngoud & Martijn van Iterson Live in Amsterdam, DVD, 2005;
Ilja Reijngoud Quartet, New Arrival 2003;
Bart van Lier/Ilja Reijngoud Quintet, Memories of the future 2003;
Nemesis Quartet, Nemesis, 1996.


Recordings as guest soloist and band member:

Jerry van Rooyen, On the scene with the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, 1993;
Rob Madna and The Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Update, 1994;
Porgy & Bess, Dancin' the heat, 1994;
Jerry van Rooyen en Gunter Schuller, The Music of Duke Ellington, 1995;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Portait of a silk thread, 1995;
Gijs Hendriks en Tom Harrell, Stomping On, 1995;
Crème Fraîche, En passant, 1996;

Metropole Orchestra and Harvey Wainapel, 1996;
Octurn, Ocean, 1997;
Brand New, presenting the Young Dutch Jazz Cats, 1997;
Hilversums Conservatorium Small Big Band, 1997;
World Music in the Netherlands, feat. Fra Fra BigBand, 1997;
Fra Fra Big Band, Maspoti Makandra, 1997;
Live bij Jazz Affairs, 1998;
Hilversums Conservatorium, Goodbye and welcome, 1998;
David Golek Ensemble, 1999;
French Kiss, Funky Cha Cha, 1999;
Dutch Jazz Giants, feat. Johan Plomp, 2000;
Pierre Courbois, Unsquare Roots, 2000;
Ben van Dijk, Nana, 2000;
Big Band Jazztival 2000, Jerry van Rooyen, More than a memory...,2000;
Volumia, Puur, 2001;
The Johan Plomp Small BigBand, Swinging on a star, 2001;
Metropole Orchestra en Kees Prins, Bij ons in de Jordaan, 2001;
Canta Brasil, Rosa dos ventos, 2001;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Strayhorn and Standards, 2002;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, More newly discovered works of Billy Strayhorn, 2002;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, The Music of Billy Strayhorn, 2002;
Isotope, Perception of the beholder, 2002;
Cubop City Big Band, Arsenio, 2002;
Metropole Orchestra, Pietje Bel, 2002;
Acda en De Munnik, Groeten uit Maaiveld, 2002;
The Houdini's, Chasin' the General, 2003;
Eddy C Super Band, The Human Elemant, 2003;
Trijntje Oosterhuis and The Houdini's, Strange Fruit, 2004;
Nancy Marano, You're nearer, 2004;
Fra Fra Big Band, Krosbé, 2004;
Michael Simon, Revelación, 2004;
West Coast Big Band, All Dutch, 2004;
Tineke Postma Live in Amsterdam, dvd, 2005;
Rob van Bavel, Generations, 2005;
Tom Beek, White and Blue, 2005;
Marius Beets, Power House Big Band, 2006;
Jasper van 't Hof New Quartet, The Yellow House, 2006;
Cubop City Big Band, Latin Vocal Explosion, 2006;
Trijntje Oosterhuis, Who'll speak of love, 2007;
Music Collection, made to move, Jazz, EMI/Shell, 2006;
Eric van der Westen, EW'S QXTD, The devine Cockeyed Glimpse, 2008;
Jim Beard, Revolutions, 2008;
Bob Brookmeyer, Music for string quartet and Orchestra, 2008;
Dutch Jazz Meeting 2008;
Jazz at The Concertgebouw 2, 2008;
Pierre Courbois 5/4 sextet, Révocation, 2007;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Moon Dreams, 2008;
Dutch Jazz Orchestra, plays the music of Rob Madna, 2008;
The Houdini's, Unleashed and Remixed, 2007;
Gino Vannelli, A Good Thing, 2008;
Tom beek, Big Time, 2009;
Julya Lo'ko, Us, 2009;
Ed Verhoeff, Slow Food, 2009;
Metropole Orchestra, King of Kaseko, Music of Lieve Hugo, DVD, 2008;
NPS maakt Jazz, volume 1, Jazzism, 2008;
Kim, My Recipe for a happy life, 2009;
Clazz Ensemble, Adventures, 2009;
Dutch Jazz 2009, BUMA Cultuur, 2009;
New Trombone Collective Presents Slide Factory 2009 (DVD);
Ivan Lins and The Metropole Orchestra (Grammy Award winning album);
Licks&Brains, The Road, 2010;
NPS maakt Jazz, volume 5, Jazzism, 2009
Cubop City Bigband, Que Sensacion, 2009,

Cubop City Bigband, Live at Bim Huis with Andy Gonzales, 2010,

Cubop City Bigband, The Complete Collection, 2010,

Kim Hoorweg and The Houdini's, Why don't you do right, 2011,

Erica Yong, Angel, 2012,

Sara Bonne, Testimony, 2012,

Lucas van Merwijk, Cuban Golden Classics, via iTunes, 2013,

The Houdini's in time, Challenge Records, 2013,

Lilian Viera, Lilian Viera, 2013,

Scarlet Mae, Scarlet Mae, 2013,

Nueva Manteca, LIVE, 2013,

Chris Beckers, Navigation, 2014,

Thom Hoorweg, Two faced, 2014,

Jorrit Dijkstra, Pillow Circles, 2014 (via iTunes only),

Pim en Pom, (Het grote Avontuur), filmmuziek 2014,

Teus Nobel, Legacy, 2014,

Bass brawl, Liverecording, superband , 2014,

Jan Paul van der Hoeven, Glad we met, 2014,

The Houdini's and Frans van Deursen, Woodstock, 2014,

Liesbeth List, Echo, 2015,

Marutyri, The tribe, 2015,

Nueva Manteca, Crime, 2015,

Cubop City big Band, Star, 2016,

Lucas van Merwijk Music Machine, Soul of Spanish Harlem, 2017.



Recordings as composer, arranger and/or band leader:

Ben van Dijk, Nana, 2000;
Trombonly & Soloists, Hochschule Detmold, 2002;
Unicef, What a difference a day makes, 2002;
New Trombone Collective, Collective, 2003;
Henri Bok, In a Nutshell, (DVD) 2007;
Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra, Finding the way, 2007;
Quinteto Tango Extremo, Erase una Vez¦, 2007;
10 jaar Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (book and cd), 2009;
Anita Meyer and The Metropole Orchestra, Tears to go by, 2009;
Orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Rock Opera in concert, 2009;
Orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Concert for Freedom, 2010;
Ben van Dijk, Never Alone, 2010;

Metropole Orchestra, Better get hit in your Soul, tribute to Charles Mingus CD, 2012;

Metropole Orchestra, Better get hit in your Soul, tribute to Charles Mingus DVD, 2012;

International Trombone Ensemble & Bart van Lier, Hiros, 2013;

Codarts Brass Ensemble, debut album, 2013,




Revocation, Pierre Courbois, 2010

Leidse Jazz Geschiedenis, Cees Mentink, 2010

10 jaar Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, J. Olthuis, 2010